Left field lines is a conglomeration of the collective thoughts of Cardinals fans.

Gashaus 34 is a veteran journalist of 25 years and a Cardinals season ticket holder for nearly two decades. He’s written the View From the Cheap Seats baseball blog for the Belleville News-Democrat since 2007. When he’s not sitting in the stands at Busch Stadium in St. Louis or Roger Den Stadium in St. Louis, Gashaus34 can be found playing vintage base ball with the Belleville Stags. For the glory of the game!

An2on is an avid Cards fan, albeit occasionally cranky, and has split season tickets with Gashaus34 for all 11 years of Busch Stadium III’s existence. And while he doesn’t get to as many games as he’d like, he certainly has an opinion to share. His fondest memories as a Cards fan: 1. “Go Crazy, Folks!” 2. “We Will See You Tomorrow Night.” 3 (tie). The last out of every playoff series in 1982, 2006 and ’11. 4. The Bartman game.

kwimp99 is a lifelong Cardinals fan residing in Louisville, Kentucky.  Over the past 10 seasons he has been a Minor League game scorer for Baseball Info Solutions, and contributed to the 2009 Bill James Handbook and The Fielding Bible Volume 2.  Other areas of interest include Strat-o-Matic, MLB The Show, and season-long fantasy baseball leagues.